Discover the systems you need to scale with ease.

Our marketing assessment is a deep dive into your processes across the customer journey with a complete plan for streamlining sales, marketing, and operations.

Automation goes beyond client onboarding.

When you think of automated systems, you might think of client onboarding. But let’s be real, there’s far more than just the onboarding process that you can streamline and automate.

To build systems that run smoothly and support your business growth, we need to see where you are now and what is missing from your current processes—through onboarding and beyond.

In our marketing assessment, we do a comprehensive audit of your current customer journey and the marketing systems you have to support it. Our tech detectives identify all the gaps and blind spots that are holding you back from scaling with ease.

You walk away with a clear blueprint for automations you can implement quickly to streamline your sales, marketing, and operations processes.

Why do I need a marketing assessment?

Most business owners want to jump right into implementing systems that will make their business run smoothly. And we get it. You’ve grown quickly, and you’re ready to leave the chaos behind in favor of a clear path for running your business.

The problem is that you can’t know what needs to be implemented until you’ve done a comprehensive assessment of your customer journey and the current processes you have in place.

Without understanding how all of your offers connect and where people are falling out of the marketing funnel, you’re not able to make a smart decision about what systems to implement.

That’s why we start with the marketing assessment.

Marketing Systems Assessment


Here’s what the process looks like:

*Implementation is not included in the assessment. However, we are happy to support you after the assessment is complete through implementation and management. We won’t know what work needs to be done until the assessment is complete!

"It’s very rare to find people with the ability to create strategy and logic flows and implement them quickly and well"

Working with Morgan means I have someone I trust to implement automation services. She’s quick, thorough, and great at following our internal process and suggesting improvements where needed.

Morgan has made an immediate difference to my bottom line by freeing me up to focus on marketing and sales, and she’s helped with work/life balance. We had our highest revenue month ever, and I was still able to take a vacation in the middle of it.


Get systems that grow with your business.

Once the assessment is complete, our team can take care of the implementation for you. Using the plan we created during your assessment, we will build and automate systems that will grow with your business.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting so that you can feel secure in knowing that no one is getting lost or forgotten in your marketing funnel.